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  · FF发布全新融资、IPO以及FF 91、FF 81交给战略规划

  · 未来主义者实验室FTL正式开幕以进一步推进FF 91量产预备作业

  美国时刻2019年9月19日,洛杉矶–Faraday Future(FF)今日在2019年度“919 Futurist Day”(“919未来主义者日”)活动上正式宣告了最新的融资、IPO、以及FF 91产品交给战略规划,估计在融资成功后9个月内完结FF 91量产交给,赶快完结FF 81揭露发布,以及未来车型和下一代中心技能的开发预备,并在融资完结后12-15个月内完结IPO。而该阶段的资金需求也将从原先预估的20亿美金大幅降至8.5亿美金。

  为了推进首款超奢华智能互联网“新物种”FF 91电动汽车的下线作业,完结高品质、高效率、优化本钱量产,坐落洛杉矶南部的未来主义者实验室(FTL - Futurist Testing Lab)也于今日正式开幕,并初次向媒体和大众露脸。该实验室具有产品测验验证以及小批量试制预量产车的才能,而之后FF 91仍然会在汉福德工厂完结大规模量产。

  FF全球CEO 毕福康博士就任后,敏捷推进了产品交给规划调整、研制及运营本钱减少、安排架构调整以及更重要的融资战略调整等一系列重要行动。依据全新规划,FF将会集内外部资源推进股权融资,融资成功后9个月内完结FF 91的高品质量产交给,15个月内完结大规模量产奢华车型FF 81的预量产车揭露发布,以及未来车型和下一代中心技能的开发预备。根据该全新的融资战略,FF将大幅缩短IPO所需时刻,估计在融资成功后12-15个月完结该方针,IPO之前的资金需求也从此前预估的20亿美金大幅降至8.5亿美金。

  “FF现已具有了国际抢先的产品技能及专利,在传统电动车、车联网、人工智能、出行生态、商业模式和用户生态立异等范畴现已做出了令人惊叹的立异效果。FF 91也现已十分挨近终究量产,92%的零部件现已定型。此外,咱们在全球仍具有近600名跨职业精英们不断尽力并坚守着高质量交给FF 91的方针。在这个新的计划下,我十分有决心咱们会以更低的本钱,更高的质量,在更短的时刻内交给FF 91,”毕福康博士表明,“今日发布的未来主义者实验室FTL也会继续推进这一FF 91交给方针的完结。”

  FF创始人兼CPUO贾跃亭表明,FF 91现在在许多中心功能和功能上仍处于职业抢先地位,他还将继续领导团队对FF 91的车联网、车内文娱及交互、AI、自动驾驶等功能进行全面晋级,以确保交给时FF 91在产品维度上仍然全面抢先。

  本次FTL开暗地,工程团队将会继续在这里推进FF 91测验相关作业以及量产所需部分中心零部件的制作作业,包含未来的小批量预量产车试制,全力保证股权融资成功后9个月内完结FF 91高品质交给。


  Faraday Future Announces New Strategy Plan and Unveils Futurist Testing Lab

  · FF reveals its new strategy for equity funding, IPO, and delivery plans for FF 91 and FF 81

  · FF unveils its Futurist Testing Lab (FTL) to further push forward the preparation for FF 91 delivery

  LOS ANGELES, SEPTEMBER 19, 2019 - Faraday Future (FF), a California-based global shared intelligent mobility ecosystem company, today announced the latest equity financing, IPO, and FF 91 delivery strategy at its annual 919 Futurist Day。 According to the new plan, FF 91 will kick off its delivery in approximately 9 months following the closing of a successful equity funding。 The newly announced FF 81 EV and development preparation for future models and next-generation core technologies will be completed as soon as possible。 FF will also target an IPO within 12-15 months following the conclusion of equity financing。 The projected funding needs for this stage have been significantly reduced to $850 million from the original estimate of $2 billion。

  The company‘s Futurist Testing Lab (FTL) was also first introduced to the media and public today。 The facility, located in South Los Angeles, near the company’s headquarters will be a key part of the company‘s effort to push forward the goal of high quality, high efficiency and cost-effective production of the ultra-luxury “new species” FF 91。 The company will be able to conduct various vehicle testing and validations at this facility and produce small batches of pre-production vehicles。 The scalable production of FF 91 is still being planned at the company’s manufacturing facility located in Hanford, California。

  Upon his recent appointment as FF‘s new Global CEO, Dr。 Carsten Breitfeld quickly fostered a series of key adjustments in product delivery planning, R&D and operational cost reduction and most importantly, financing strategy。 According to the new plan, FF will integrate all internal and external resources to facilitate its equity financing efforts。 FF 91 will be delivered in 9 months after the successful equity funding closing。 15 months after equity financing conclusion, FF plans to debut its next mass market luxury vehicle FF 81 pre-production car and finish up the development preparation of future models and next-generation core technologies。 FF will also target an IPO within 12-15 months upon the conclusion of equity financing。 Based on this new financing strategy, FF’s projected funding needs are merely $850 million compared to the previous plan of $2 billion。

  “FF has made amazing innovations in the fields of traditional electric vehicles, IOV, AI, mobility ecosystem, business models and user ecosystem innovations。 FF 91 is very close to final production and delivery。 92% of the parts have been sourced。 Moreover, we still have nearly 600 employees globally from various industries working together for the goal of delivering FF 91。 I am very confident that under this new plan, we will deliver FF 91 in a shorter time at a lower cost and higher quality,” said Dr。 Breitfeld, “our Futurist Testing Lab will continue to help push forward the goal of FF 91 delivery。”

  FF Founder and CPUO (Chief Product and User Officer) YT Jia said FF 91 is still leading in many core performance categories and functions。 He will continue to lead the team to upgrade the IOV, Infotainment, UI/UX, AI, and autonomous driving to ensure that FF 91 is in leading position at delivery。

  FTL will be used to fully support the high-quality delivery of FF 91 within 9 months after successful financing。 The engineering team will continue to conduct testing and validations projects, and manufacture of some core components, including small batches of pre-production vehicles here。

  Previously, FF announced the recent appointment of Dr。 Carsten Breitfeld as Global CEO。 Dr。 Brietfeld is an auto industry veteran bringing a proven track record of leadership and innovation。 He will lead FF to achieve strategic goals, develop industry leading technology and products, and prioritize ongoing fundraising efforts。


  Faraday Future (FF) is a California-based global shared intelligent mobility ecosystem company。

  Established in May 2014, FF is a global company, headquartered in Los Angeles。 FFs vision is to create a shared intelligent mobility ecosystem that empowers everyone to move, connect, breathe and live freely。